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Mrs. Winifred Lee (Wan-Chun Yu) was born in Beijing, China in 1934. She completed her secondary and post-secondary education in Taiwan where she began her art studies in private classes under several distinguished art professors.

In 1977, she moved to Canada. She has her own studio in Richmond, BC where she gives lessons to those interested in learning Chinese painting. Itís always her pleasure to share her artistic knowledge with people who share the same interest in the arts.

She was an active member of Federation of Canadian Artist and was awarded the "AFCA" status in 1991.

In 1980, with several of her friends, she initiated the founding of the  Richmond Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Club. She also participated in forming the Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver in 1993, and helped in organizing the group of twelve Chinese Canadian artists in 1995.

The subject matter of her paintings are usually birds, flowers, and landscapes - with some in traditional Chinese style - while others have a more Western look: illustrating how her surroundings over the past two decades have influenced her works. Some landscapes range from the more traditional soft misty forest and hills scenes to the more western-influenced and individually styled mountains, snow and valley scenes.

Some of her paintings of birds and flowers are on silk in Chinese "Gong-Pi" style, a style characterized by fine brushwork and close attention to details. With mastery of her brush and refined use of colors, she has captured birds, flowers and insects at the height of their beauty. She likes to utilize the translucent quality of watercolor and its effect on silk to create depth and space in her paintings. Her works possess a strikingly fresh luminosity. Nature seems to come alive through layers of delicately applied colors.

Her works have been shown locally and nationally, as well as in United States, England, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

She published her album of paintings in 1997 that includes more than one hundred of her works of birds and flowers.



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